"I like swimming people, and I like being one of them!"  Tony Pearce, Head Coach, Barnes Swimming Club Seniors and Masters Squad

Tony Pearce: Winner - 2012 US Southern Pacific LC Masters Championships 1500 Free


If you’re 25+, congratulations - you've qualified! Quite simply, Masters swimmers are those who are 25 and over (those in the 19-24 age group are known as Seniors) and who want to take part in competitive swimming in a friendly and welcoming environment. Masters swimming attracts people who want to keep fit and healthy, meet like-minded adults in a sociable setting or to take part in well-organised regional, national and international competitions. Fundamentally, it's all about enjoyment and setting your own personal goals; how far you go is within your control. To race competitively you need to be an ASA member. For further information about getting involved in Masters swimming, see www.swimming.org or www.londonswimming.org

“As a Masters swimming coach, what do I actually do? At this stage in my life I have got it down to one thing: I encourage people. It really is as simple as that. What Masters swimmers are doing is swimming to fit their own image. Masters swimming is not a fashion, it’s a feeling. It’s where the soul drives the body. That’s right - no limits!”

what is masters swimming?

“Rarely do you ever have to tell a Masters swimmer to work harder. It’s harder to control their intensity because they’re enthusiastic about what they’re doing!”

Masters Coach Scott Bay

TEAM – Together Each of us can Achieve More

Masters Swimming